We, the Etymos team, want to introduce ourselves. Should there be questions, opinions, hints or problems, we are there to help. At the end of this page a message can be sent to us.

We ask for your understanding and forgiveness that we will not be able to solve all problems and to meet all wishes, because our resources are limited and because we don’t want to change the character of our dictionary. But we try hard and give our very best!

Team list

Project management

Tec Dian de Akilet - administrative, linguistic and IT project management


So far we could not yet recruit any editors to take care of single languages. The editorial word is done directly by the project management, supported by occational assistants.


Tec Dian de Akilet - php, data bases, web site, server operation


Ki-Heij Ǧi - layout, user-friendlyness

Vacancy notices


We are always looking for committed additions to our team. Interested persons may apply using our contact form.

We only take into account requests by applicants who like our project as it is.

In order to avoid disappointment, we like to point out the our team does not function democratically, but is subject to a strict hierarchy, with the project managementat the top, then nothing for a while.

Area editing

We are looking for editors who take care of editing and expanding individual languages:

Area pronunciation

We are looking for speakers for the individual languages:

Area development

We are looking urgently for developers for the following tasks:

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