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For getting acquainted with a language and for travelling we recommend the textbooks "Teach Yourself".
There you find the basics of a language including grammar and an explanation of pronunciation in order to understand and be understood. They give you exactly the vocabulary you need for everyday situations together with dialogs to learn how to use it. Everything is presented in an easy to understand way that makes learning a language an interesting adventure. All this makes "Teach Yourself" a bargain source of knowledge for all, who don't demand that all people are to understand English. Interesting and useful - Teach Yourself Irish.
If you want more vocabulary without trying to become a professional, then we recommend the Collins Gem Irish Dictionary.
Dictionary Irish-English
This dictionary contains two parts for both translation directions with thousands of words on 640 pages. It fully covers contemporary language in a small and easy to use volume.
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Irish (Gaelic)
English-Irish Grammar Material Irish-English
1. Classifiction
2. Distribution
3. Development
until ~600 Gaelic

Irish developed in straight line from Gaelic which was spoken already before the 5-th century by the Celts who had settled on the Irish island. This language had originated from the fusion of the dialects of the various Proto-Celtic and Celtic immigration waves to Ireland. The oldest evidence of Gaelic is given by the ogham stones. On these stones, which were used as gravestones, stone tablets or land marks, the letters, which are composed of up to five lines for consonants or points for vowels, were scratched along the edges. The letters of this ogham alphabet are named after different natural entities. Because on ogham stones only proper names are found, statements about the language structure of old Gaelic are barely possible.
600-900 Old Irish
4. Structure
4.1. Vocabulary
4.2. Phonetics
4.3. Orthography
4.4. Grammar

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